Alternating Additive Time Signatures

Hi all,
I am trying to find a time saving solution to a recurring notation dilemma.
I mostly use odd meters in my writing and often with varying sub-beat groupings.
A recent composition has a section in 19/8 but the beat groupings are not consistent from bar to bar. eg. bar 1 is 22323223, bar 2 23232322 this is repeated alternating for one section. Another section has a variant of this: bar 1 is 22323223, bar 2 23232223.
My issue is with the beaming. I can achieve the correct beaming by entering the appropriate beat groupings but this is tedious and time consuming.
alternating time signatures doesn’t seem to be a solution as the meter is constant it is the beat groupings that vary.
Another issue is that the beat groupings don’t appear to be copy-able. If I cut and paste, the beaming defaults to the last defined beat grouping in the composition.
Is there a solution or work-around that anyone can suggest? I have only been using Dorico for about a year now so I am still discovering new things.
I’d greatly appreciate any input!
I have attached a file of a basic drum groove with the additive time signatures visible to provide a clearer example.
Cheers, Tom
19_8 (37.3 KB)

It’s still a lot of work, but I would copy, paste, and hide the time signature with the appropriate groupings to the appropriate measure(s).

Thanks for replying Derrek. I have tried this but the meter grouping information doesn’t copy so I have to enter this again bar by bar.
Cheers, Tom

OK I just tried copying time sig itself which is maybe what you meant Derrek. I have been copying the content and hoping the grouping info would be copied as well.
That works! Still tedious but quicker than what I was doing!
Here is a question for the Design Team if anyone is listening? Could there be or is there a way to copy all of this info in one go?

Cheers, Tom

I think I have found the solution.
I need to select the Time signature as well when copying and pasting! If it is already hidden I can select the signpost and this copies the grouping info.
Live and learn and live to create!
Cheers, Tom

Glad you found a solution that pleases you.

I have been doing a lot of such mixed beat size work, and made up a little excel spreadsheet to generate the required text for copy/paste. Enjoy if helpful. (9.9 KB)


Thanks, a bit late but I just got back on the forum! I will check it out!

Cheers, Tom