alternating between music and text frames: is my way good?

Good afternoon,
I’m transcribing in Dorico organ lessons for a beginner ; I alternate between music little exercises and explanations. See attached file.
I’ve create alternatively music frames and text frames ; I set up the music frame as MA 2, MA 3 etc with system breaks for each exercise.
Is my way the best ?
It’s a little complicate : change of bar number, change of time signature… between each exercise.
Is there another way to have independent little peaces on the same page allowing to insert text frames ?
Thank you by forehand.

Koenraad Moreau
Leçons d’orgue Augustin Semaine (444 KB)

For starters, you should use separate flows for each exercise. That’s what flows are designed for. No need to change bar numbers, and you don’t get cautionary key signatures.

Secondly, I would definitely recommend adding the text as Staff Text. It’s much easier to work with in this case!

Here’s the file with those changes made. I also removed Page Overrides.╠ºons%20dΓÇÖorgue%20Augustin%20Semaine%201%20MODIFIED.dorico?dl=0

Thank you very much Dan !
It’s perfect so.
For furthers exercice’s group (one page/week in the beginning), can y keep the same Dorico file, or is it better to create a new one for every group ?
Best regards.

I would certainly continue on the same project. Dorico can handle a large numbers of flows (for you, exercises) before it slows down. I’m confident you could do an entire book in one file!

One small addition I just made to the file: I created some custom master pages. If you had a page that was text-only, you should right-click on that page in the Pages panel, and insert a Master Page change for that page only. This prevents page overrides.

If the exercises are organized into groups, I would also design your First master page just as you want it, then apply that master page to each “first” page of the exercise group.

Oh, thank you, thank you ! My work is perhaps finish thanks to you.
Yes, the exercises are organized into groups, but in the following weeks they shall probably take more than one page.

So, I started a new group (= a new weekly exercise’s group) on a second page ; I’ve insert a frame-break at the begin of the first new flow to avoid that this new flow appears on the first page.

I have manually adjust the distance between systems because the music text above and under each system is not taken into account in the automatic distance between staves. The result is that when I add a second and a third flow, the added score appears in collision or even above the precedent flow’s score.

I’m hesitating if the title of each exercise should not be better put as flow heading.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Leçons d’orgue (766 KB)