Alternating between Two Interfaces?

Current Situation: I have a complex studio system based on a pair of RME Raydats with a lot of external routing and headphone cues and 3 speaker system making full use of studio control room features. The studio is completely patched in using multiple adat converters.

Problem: I am wanting to pick up an Apollo Twin because of the near zero latency monitoring through efx that it offers. This should be helpful when I am adding mono or stereo tracks to projects that are already partially mixed… but I can’t afford to convert my entire studio over to the Apollo series of interfaces. This would mean that I would have to alternate between the RME interface and the Apollo Twin in the middle of a project.

Question: 1. Do any of you currently alternate between interfaces in your studio for similar reasons and 2. do you have any tips on how you manage Cubase preferences and routing when you do select a different asio device?

Any further comments on this would be helpful.

I think the ASIO4ALL driver might be able to use multiple interfaces at the same time if that would help.

I actually don’t want to use them at the same time. I want to be able to swap asio devices. For larger projects I need my whole studio setup with all the live mics, headphone cues and external efx and instruments. But once I am into a mix and I start to build the mix the latency really adds up and if I have to track additional tracks I wind up having to disable the latency inducing plugins which just kills the mix and the feel when layering additional tracks. So at that point I’d switch to the Apollo Twin and track through the console with effects and I should be able to monitor with near zero latency for mic and line inputs at least. The problem is when you switch asio devices in the preferences you lose all your routing. Ideally I would want a full presets available for either my RME setup or the Apollo setup. The only workaround I have seen is to copy and paste the preferences whenever I swap devices. I was just wondering if someone had come up with a more elegant solution… The profiles aren’t quite extensive enough unless I am doing something wrong.

do you know you can save Presets for your vst connections inputs/outputs…
i work between 3 interface

main desktop daw in the studio = RME HDSP9652
surface pro 4 (for mobile) = RME UFX & OctamicXTC and also a RME Babyface PRO for if i want to travel even lighter

In cubase on my Desktop daw I have RME HDSP9652 as a preset in the vst connections, no matter what project i bring in from any other source,

  1. load project
  2. devices/vst connections & choose my HDSP9652 preset

    if i need to take the project back to mobile rig, on the cubase there I have vst connections presets for each (UFX/BABYFACE)… and choose whatever I need…