Alternating stem directions within connected 3 notes

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 1.38.30 PM
I can’t provide a picture of the middle note having a stem up, the outer two notes stem down, and the beam placed vertically midway between the lowest and highest notes. It looks good in my Six Suites for Cello Solo by J.S.Bach, New York, International Music Company, No. 3125, too old to have an ISBN. I would like my edition to look as cool as that! Any chance of that?

Have you tried context menu>Stem>Force centered beam ?

Or globally, Engraving Options > Notes > Stems > Centered Beams.

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I didn’t know what to call it, I should have studied the menu. Thanks, I’ll try to remember the lesson.

That would put the stem on the wrong side of the middle note.

My bad. You are quite right!