Alternating Time Signature issue

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create the alternating time signature ¢ + 3/4, but when I type this in the popover it doesn’t work. I also tried it with c + 3/4 which also doesn’t work. Is this a feature which has not been implemented yet? Is there maybe a workaround?

Thanks for the response!

  • Kobus

Hi Kobus.
I just tried and here’s what works : input 2/2 + 3/4 in the Shift-M popover (with spaces before and after the + sign) and in the properties popover, tick the Common/Cut common thing.
I think it should work with cutc but it does not. Something the devs might add to the backlog :wink:
Hope it helps!

It works! Thank you for the quick fix!