Alternative approach for recent file list (Windows only)

Every so often there are some posts about the Recent File list in Cubase. I almost never use Cubase’s Recent File list - or the similar lists in other programs either. Instead I use the list provided by Windows which seems to me superior to the lists provided by the Programs themselves. So figured I’d share.

First Pin the Cubase Program to the Windows Taskbar. Once you do this right+clicking on the Icon will show a recently used file list that you can use to select a Project from. I find this list better than the ones built into various programs because:

  • It works exactly the same for Cubase, Acrobat, Excel, whatever instead of the similar but slightly different implementations in various programs
  • By default it lists files by most recently used - but you can also Pin files to the list which moves them to the top section of the list. This makes it easy to keep your current work readily available & then un-pin when you are finished
  • You can also remove items from the list by right+clicking on them so you can keep your list current


Works if you pin the Cubase icon to the Start menu as well.

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Hadn’t noticed that, good to know.

I wish this were true on macOS too. Unfortunately, only some of my apps have a “recent file list” in the dock (aka macOS’ taskbar).


Clicking on the “Show Recents” menu item doesn’t activate the recent file list…