Alternative/modern rock song


Something new from my studio. Alternative/modern rock song. Band is called Alice Blue.
Recording, mix and master by me.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Awesome mix! I’ll bet it’s cool to be able to work with different people, bands, etc. To be able to hear different talent and get something out of each of them. I can imagine it’s not all peaches and roses at times too–but in any case, this sounded really great.

The lead singer reminds me of Hayley Williams of Paramore, only slightly less intense and a more polished voice. I liked this a lot. Great job!

Cool song and great work with the engineering.

Did you use only stock Cubase Plugs ?

very good ,sounds a bit like alanis morissette, very good recording ,just one teeny thing that is starting to bug me about compressors is when they pull the breathing volume up on the vocalists, you can tell somebody likes it and they think they sound sexy ,it`s starting to get a bit cringy .apart from that very good , plenty of energy.

Nice… sounds ‘radio ready’ to me! Good vocalist :slight_smile:

Nice open sound, good mix. Kit sounds particularly good

Thanks guys for all your positive comments. :slight_smile:

No, mainly 3rd party plugins (and some hardware in a recording process), but also few stock cubase plugins like magneto II and transient designer. :slight_smile:

Real credit to your recording and mixing skills. Always top notch from you. Nothing particularly interesting or new about the music, arrangement, or performance, but that’s not you! Great job!

Agree with early 21 on this, your production skills are to be envied :mrgreen:


Well done! Agreed that the song is very “cookie cutter” but that’s not you. The mix is very well done in spite of the fact that I’m listening from work using relatively crappy ear buds. Good job!