Alternative to media bay ?

Hey guys, I’m tired of the mess Ive done with media bay, bugging me off. Anyone know any good alternative to this ? I’ve never used samples and loops before so I’m all new to the whole thing

What don’t you like? I find it amazing and much better than any other DAW’s databasing search I have tried.


I use media bay and I like it as I think it is good for previewing samples to project tempo and rating samples is quick (haven’t really gotten into to tagging)

But I also use RESONIC and love it! (pc only)

I use it as an alternative when outside or even alongside of Cubase - its quick to fly thru samples and you can preview loop and chop inside of it with the Pro Version.

Take the time to learn mediabay trust me, its daunting at first but long term your workflow will be fast.
Another alternative is to download winamp and use windows explorer to search through samples (via winamp)

I wish you could add tags though.

There’s no orchestral options for samples for example. There’s classical - soundtrack. But thats a bit obtuse.

AUDIO POOL!!! One day i’ll finally start using Media Bay i still do things via the Pool.