Alternative to starting/stopping Nuendo with the space bar

Maybe a dumb question, if so apologies. But, is there another way to start and stop Nuendo other than pressing the space bar?
I’m 10’ away from my DAW on my drums. It would be great if there was a way I could start or stop Nuendo from there. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Any MIDI controller should do. You should be able to use a MIDI keyboard, a simple pedal switch, or even drum pads. You could also set up a device with dedicated transport buttons … whatever you prefer. Just a question of setting up the device.

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I often use a sturdy legacy device by Frontier Designs called TranzPort that achieves this goal by means of a wireless connection, but there are more recent controllers for little money, nowadays.

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Hey Dietz,
Great info. I appreciate you helping me out.

If you have an iPad buy and download the Cubase IC Pro or the Avid app for free. That’s why they exist. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve searched for the TranzPort device but can’t seem to find anyone who sells it.
Are there any other controllers that would do the same thing?

A bluetooth keyboard does the job perfectly.

We use Logitech K400s for that. We bought 5 of them at the time. When one broke recently, we bought another on eBay for 15 euros. There is a successor model, but we bought a used old K400 instead. Most people here think this is better than the K400 Plus. :slightly_smiling_face:

TranzPort can no longer be used due to missing driver support. Its to old.
You can also connect a (small) normal second keyboard with a long cable.

Oh, you should tell this my trusty TranzPort that controls NU12 under Windows as well as MacOS here. :sunglasses: Old, no doubt, but not too old.

… but like I wrote: There are countless way to remote-control Nuendo. I was under the impression that tho OP wants to avoid the keyboard, but of course every Bluetooth-based input device will do. Heck, even a cordless mouse does the trick! :slight_smile:

How about The Clapper? (“Clap on! Clap off!”)
With a little skill, you can make something out of it: Clap once to start playback. Clap twice to stop it. :joy: :wink:

First off, I want to thank each of you who chimed in an d all your suggestions.
Secondly, I’m somewhat embarrassed as to how stupid I was, not to think about a wireless
keyboard. BOING!!!
Anyway, I got a wireless keyboard and it works great.
In my defense, this is what can happen when your 70 years old and imbibe a little too much.
Thank you all again.

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That’s really funny MAS. Especially considering, I’m a drummer!

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Which keyboard did you choose?

I knew that, of course. :rofl:

Logitech: K360 / $22.00 US.
Small, wireless, very efficient. Although, the Clapper would of been hysterical…