alternative to VST performer with HD video+audio?

I tried to make this possible with the VST performer tool but it seems the video is transmitting too fragmented or it’s just only meant to work for video capture.
Is there an alternative to broadcast HQ audio and my HD project window?
I tried OBS but the delay is just too big. How do other studios do HQ remote AV sessions? Any tips?

Long cables to the remote screen and audio, but can get pretty expensive.

I mean f.e. a transcontinal remote session - shazbot :wink:
If VST Connect/Performer would feature HD video as well - that would be the solution but for no I only can transmit crappy pixeled video

Another reason I find VST Connect disappointing is that it lacks the obvious option to show the Arrange screen of Cubase. That would be far more useful at times than a webcam pointed back at me

Ok then cables could get Really really expensive :slight_smile:
There must be something like in the old days, ISDN dedicated setups in both ends.
VST Connect and OBS would have been my other suggestions :frowning:

Vst connect and another screencast software do not work due to the delay.
I need real deal suggestions please.