alternative to wavelab database audio ?

I switched to Windows 8 and as I read the last wavelab with database audio is wavelab 6 , so it’s an old product and perhaps doesn’t work in windows 8.1 …is there somebody who can tell me if there is an alternative to wavelab database audio ( the best I never found!)… or perhaps PG can revive it in a next update ? A good motivation for me to update my wavelab?
tahnks and best regards

I’m afraid WL6 won’t work on Windows 7 or 8 – in fact, it didn’t even work 100% on XP, unless you ran it as Administrator. I’m not aware of anything out there similar to Audio Databases but (and this is pure speculation on my part!) in other Steinberg products such as Cubase and HALion there is Media Bay, which could be used in a similar fashion, so perhaps we might see this in a future WaveLab version?

Thnaks for your answer but media bayis far away for the use I need.
I use the audio base for my student , I have a lot of songs ( mp3,minus one,…) with a lot of marker so I can loop or play exactly the portion I want.
other ideas?
best regards

I know for fact it does work on Windows 7, since I have it “installed” and working for the odd old project (especially the ones with 32-bit plugins). IIRC, you had to copy a complete Win XP install and place it on the Win 7 C drive under the 32-bit ‘Program Files (X86)’ directory.

and run it with Administrator privileges – wouldn’t be my definition of “working”, and also unsupported. That may however be a no-cost solution for the OP, who just wants to get Audio Databases back.

Yeah, let’s hope it will. And to me, “working” means the program does all it’s supposed to do without crashing - no matter through how many hoops we have to jump to get it to that point… :sunglasses: