Alternative (working!) key command for moving track up/down?


The default key command assigned to arrow up/arrow down keys (Navigate->Down and Navigate->Up) often doesn’t give the desired result: Sometimes it skips several tracks, and sometimes you get “stuck” and can’t select the track you want to unless you mouseclick somewhere in the the arrangement window and try again.

This is very annoying when doing mobile recordings where you can’t have the computer within reach, just the keyboard.

Is there a alternative key command (other than Navigate->Down/Up) that I can trust to actually changing the selected track up/down?

Best! / Jonas

The questions is not clear to me but have you tried to go
Preferences there’s something like, up and down arrow independent for navigating the tracks

experienced the same issue.
was wondering too.
anybody ? bump!

try what wavetuner suggested.
if event in the project is selected, the up/down keys consider that and go by event, if you disable this in the preferences it goes only for tracks without considering event selection

the actual term in preferences(on nuendo right now)
in preferences go to editing and check the “use up/down navigation for selecting tracks only” check box

Ah, thank you, Mozizo!

Prferences -> Editing -> Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only
seems to do the trick!

Best! / Jonas

Maybe change the thread title to "Solved: " so it’s clear this is possible.