Alternatives to adding a music frame to a part master page...

… which you can’t do, I think. I’m engraving a setting of the Mass for 12 part choir and want to put the Gloria and Credo intonations in each of the 12 parts, which have doubling instruments.

Any ideas? - without having to do it individually for the 24 instances.

I created the intonations individually in the full score (see screenshot) by writing them in separate flows and putting them in Local music frames, lowering the bottom margin of the flow header in the relevant pages via “Insert flow header change” and enabling “Heading Bottom Margin”. There were one or two other tweaks.

And here’s a screenshot of a typical destination part.
Gloria part.PNG
Apologies if I’ve missed anything obvious. I’m under a bit of time pressure with a lot of notes to enter. It’s time I explored master pages further!

I guess it’s possible that the intonations would need to appear at different places vertically on the page in each part, unless you can guarantee that both of those movements will start at the top of a page in all of the parts. If you can guarantee the latter, then it should be possible to at least create the frame for the intonation in a new master page pair in the ‘Default Part’ master page set, then use a master page change to switch to that page pair in each part at the appropriate points. You’ll then need to specify the right flow for each frame, but that won’t take too long.

Thanks very much, Daniel. That works beautifully. Once the frame is in place the remaining steps are a few clicks, as you say.

Job done. Looks great. Deadline met.