Alternatives to iPad ???

you know, a device not starting wtih lower case “i” :wink:
Are there any alternatives that could get good support from the app/program companies.
I realize I don’t know enough to start asking … so “talk amongst yourself”!


Aloha H,

My daughter has/uses a Galaxy Tab 10.1
She also has the iPad. (all 3)
She likes the GT better.
I like it as well.
But as a portable music sketching device,
Garageband via the iPad wins out.

Wish there was a version of ‘Sequel’ for the GT.
But IMHO the GT is still a very nice instrument.


And I take it that you add this to the list after extensive testing? :mrgreen:

It’s a dirty business, but -somebody’s- gotta do it! :mrgreen:

A fair amount of discussion on this topic over at SOS. General consensus there is that for music creation, the answer to the OP is “No”, at the moment.

If you can hold out until October-December there should be a number of alternatives available.

Resist the “iCult” :laughing:

iDaw soon to come…

We are iBorg. You will be assimilated.

After using an iPad 3 for a couple of months now I can’t imagine doing without it.
Deciding I over A -
As a programmer I looked at what was involved. Android appears to be undergoing growing pains. Look at the number of new devices that use older releases of the operating system. And promise the latest release Real Soon Now - one suspects some fundamental hardware/software mis-matches.

But one look at a Galaxy screen next to an iPad and there really was no choice

iSurfer :astonished: :open_mouth:

Ya, the iPad3 screen is unsurpassed just now… But that puppy will cook yer jewels if you play too long! :laughing:

I’m not familiar with Android tablets and all that so lemme ask… do they have anything like this? This thing is fantastic…

Now here is an interesting alternative:

I was running full scale Windows apps, such as Visual Studio, on the Samsung Slate 7. The Slate, an Intel-based tablet, was recently released with these hardware specs: an Intel Core i5 Mobile processor, 4GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD. It’s an 11.6-inch LCD display (1366 x 768), so somewhat larger than an iPad. Unlike the iPad or, in fact, most other tablets, it has an HDMI and a USB port. The Slate also has a docking station with two USB and an Ethernet port. So, as you can tell, it’s a true PC in the form factor of a table

From Dr. Dobbs’ Journal - which I read as an iPad app. No idea where to find it on the web

Amazon has them. Expensive! As expensive as a laptop.

mmm! :sunglasses: Useful? :confused:

On the con side I’ve read that selecting and right clicking, a must for Win 7, is tricky.
That writer advised waiting for Win 8 and it’s tablet oriented interface.

It’s also a little on the heavy side and may be tiring to use as a book or web reader. But it runs Windows software.

Win8 is probably better for this. I’ve seen a little of it and I think I like it, at least the looks of it and the touch screen. No doubt Microsoft will create unheard of headaches but at least there use to come a second wave of 3rd party solutions to that mess so it’s OK-ish …

Unlike the iPad or, in fact, most other tablets, it has an HDMI and a USB port.

That Samsung costs 120% more than my iPad ($1100 vs. $500) and actually, the iPad can do USB and HDMI with simple adapter cables that are $30 each… or a dock that does both.

I ain’t giving up my iPad. And do believe it to be the best tablet available today. It’s the WiFi only 64gb gen 3 model. Those data plans for the 4G/LTE versions are just too pricey. Almost everywhere I’ve taken it has free WiFi. I do use a VPN and turned on SSL for the email.

And in a few years we’ll see a 42" iPad with haptic touchscreen fingertip feedback and Thunderbolt :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I hope Steinberg will join the party. It´s the future…