Alternatives to Replace Audio In Video


I switched to Cubase from Pro Tools a year or so ago and am tremendously happy with the features Cubase offers.

One feature that I really miss in Pro Tools is the ability to ‘Bounce To Quicktime.’ I’m aware that Cubase has the ‘replace audio in video’ feature, but that has it’s limitations.

Has anyone out there found a good solution to this? I often make Quicktime previews of my work and Cubase doesn’t seem to be capable of exporting audio to a specific portion of a video file. Are there any other good software options that could supplement Cubase in this regard??

Thanks for any suggestions!

Only commenting here to say that I have also found that Cubase fails to replace the audio in my videos. The videos load fine and the audio is extracted fine but replacement hasn’t worked for years, since the old SX version I reckon.

I’ve got no quick solution I’m afraid. Most recently I simply had to load up an old version of Premiere on an old PC and re-render it all. The problem with that of course is that the video is decompressed and then recompressed at some ‘guess’ settings because I’m no video expert!

I wish there was some updating in this part of the application.


Quick and easy method: Use Quicktime Pro 7 for simple track replacement (among other editing capabilities). ($30)

Thanks for the suggestion to use QT7 Pro. I use that to export lower res videos for easy upload, but had forgotten that it could Trim to Selection and add audio tracks.

I may resort to using Final Cut. I’d rather not have to export an audio file of the entire length of a film then add it to a quicktime file then trim to send out a scene or two. Final Cut will allow me to bounce a cue from Cubase and spot it using time code rather than having to use the absolute beginning of the video file as a reference.

This is definitely one area where Pro Tools really has the upper hand over Cubase.

Thanks everyone for the replies.