Altiverb 6.3.7 Blacklisted

I can’t seem to get Cubase to recognize Altiverb 6.3.7. It gets blacklisted on app startup.

I tried uninstalling/re-installing Altiverb, but that did not help. I tried clearing my blacklist, but it just gets blacklisted again. I had some earlier issues with C8 and did a few uninstalls/re-installs and in previous installs Altiverb 6.3.7 was not blacklisted.

I am curious what I can do to get this plugin to load; is there a way to override the blacklist function? Would that be wise?

Thanks in advance.

I think you have to update your Altiverb! ;-(

Make sure Altiverb can see it’s data. When Cubase starts it briefly opens and closes a plugin to test if it is working and in the past I have had plugins fail the test as their data path was wrong and hence they got blacklisted

What do Audio Ease say? You have contacted them right? That really should be the first port of call.

I get a similar problem with Slate VBC Red. If I do a fresh install of VBC, and then boot Cubase 8, Cubase crashes while scanning Slate plug-ins. If I then re-boot Cubase it loads but VBC Red has been blacklisted. The funny thing is, I can still load and use VBC Red in the rack but not as a single plug-in. How crazy is that? VBC Red also crashes Soundforge in 32 bit so has to be removed from that folder before Soundforge will load, but still works there in the rack!? I have no idea why this is so.

I was going to open a ticket about it with Slate Digital but I’ve yet to find anyone else who has the same problem. It’s very strange but, in the scheme of things, and given that I can still use Red in the Rack, Cubase works like a dream for me in every other way. So looking at the array of problems others are having with Cubase I can’t really grumble.

Not that anyone listens if I do grumble!

There was a known issue with Altiverb and Cubase 8. This has been solved in the latest update of Altiverb and Cubase.
So maybe updating Is the way to go.

Perhaps that is the way!

Thanks for the all the replies!