Altiverb 7 crashes

Hi, I’m about to set up a template for a feature film in N7.0.3 . Made a few tests with Altiverb 7.2.6, works ok, but if I Ctrl-Click the track folders in the project track visibility list, after some scrolling and 2-4 clicks nuendo crashes IF the folders are expanded…
I already tried starting nuendo with preferences disabled, Asio Guard enabled or disabled.

This is the link to the template, please if anyone can reproduce this. Altiverb 7 is already on an insert.
It also contains a couple of crash dumps.
Thank you.

I remade the project template from scratch, prefs trashed, same result.
Although I find the new features of nuendo 7 awesome, I choose to stay with N5.5.6 for now, the most stable nuendo so far for me.
Also stuttering interface, marked as a bug in cubase forum si a big red sign that says “dragons ahead”.
I absolutely love nuendo but please fix it. I use it now mainly for the improved AAF engine.

I have been in contact with Aram from Audioease regarding this kind of crashs.
We checked the crashlogs and Altiverb is definitely triggering crashs in our Nuendo system.
Sessions without Altiverb are perfectly stable.
Unfortunately Audioease was not able to provide a fix for months.
Please contact Aram and send him your session with repro.
This could definiely help him fixing this bug as we were never able to create a reliable repro for the random Altiverb crashs.

(AV 7.26 N 7.0.30 Win 64)

Hi Bernhard,

I can not reproduce the crash anymore on N 7.0.35
Let’s hope it’s been fixed.