Altiverb 7 XL & Cubase 12 crash

I know, there was already a discussion last year with Cubase 11. Has anyone managed to get Altiverb 7 xl to work in cubase 12 pro? I have only vst2, (is there even a vst3 version of altiverb? Perhaps this could help). I have also other IR-Reverbs, but some of the Altiverb IR I really like, and as I know, it’s not possible to use them in another software (e.g. by converting them into wav all at once).


Are you on Mac or Windows? VST2 plug-ins are not supported on Mac with M1/M2 chips at all.

You can download Cubase 12 Trial and test it at your specific system.

I’m on PC, no problems with vst2. But e.g. mcdsp is also not working. So perhaps an altiverb-problem.