Altiverb 8 XL wont render in Stereo Montage in Wavelab 11.2

Hi - I’m using Altiverb 8 XL in Steinberg Wavelab 11.2 for final stereo mastering.

I can insert the Altiverb plugin in the Insptector Output section and hear the effect when playing the montage, but when I go to render the final output or DDP files, I get this error message:
“The following Plug-in cannot be connected for processing 2 input. Altiverb 8”.

I depend on Altiverb for my final reverb touchups - I’m working in classical music and nothing else does quite what Altiverb does for realistic sounding halls.

My system is a Mac Studio M2 Ultra, 128 GB ram, Mac OS 13.4.1, Metric Halo LIO-8 MK IV.

I have tried booting Wavelab in both Native and Rosetta and the same issue arises.

Thank you,

Hi Ron
have you ever tried Spaces II from EastWestsounds. ?
I work with acoustical music too and in my opi ion are there IR’s better then from Altiverb. And this plugin works flawlessly with Wavelab 11.2
Its worth a try.


Hi Steve- thanks for your reply, and for your suggestion re Eastwestsounds.
I’m using Altiverb for a very specific hall IR. Having spent a lot of money to upgrade Altiverb from 7 XL to 8 XL, I was counting on it for classical project I’m mastering.
Support at Audio Ease got back to me right away - after replicating the fault, and confirmed that it’s a software bug.
I already own Cinematic Rooms Pro, so I worked on an algorithm from it and got fairly close to the hall in Altiverb.
I’m hoping you guys can work together to solve Altiverb’s bug.
I already have so many plugins to stay on top of, and prefer to work with the ones I know, rather than clutter my plugin lists with more, especially after spending the money specifically for this.
Thank you,