Alto Glockenspiel Installation Issue


I downloaded and installed Alto Glockenspiel but it does not appear in Halion Sonic SE.

According to the Steinberg Library Manager (SLM) it is installed.

However when Cubase starts, it show an error message.

Unfortunately clicking on either button in the error msg dialog box does nothing.

I attempted to reinstall it by clicking on the .VSTsound file (CI_Alto_Glockenspiel.vstsound), but when I do the SLM reports that “No action was performed!” because it was already registered.

Lastly I verified that “CI_Alto_Glockenspiel.vstsound” was actually located in the folder that appears in SLM; and it does.

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Do you have a license for that?
(Even though it’s free)

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I do now.

Thanks for the suggestion.