Alway crash when export audio mixdown?

Help me! please… Nuendo 5.1.1 NEK alway crash my computer when export audio mixdown.
My system :
Dell Precision T7500
CPU Xeon X5680 x 2
Ram 12 GB
System type Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Nunendo 5.1.1 NEK ( 32 bit )
intensity pro

Thank you.

does it do this with every project or just one?

try changing the exported file format
try changing the audio device
try changing the location of the desktop
try removing plugins completely

also try to export in realtime

are the L and R makers properly set ?
when does it crash (at the very beginning, at the end, randomly) ?


every project ! I try all like that,but still crash! :confused:
Thank you so much Maxhowarth.

I will try tomorrow…in realtime :astonished: my project is over 1 hour :frowning:

Thank you so much Bernard Focquet.

Might I suggest to trash the preferences once to see if this fixes the problem? Maybe a setting was messed up during updating. In addition to the good points mentioned already in the thread please also check if you have any special characters somewhere in the file path.

How to trash the preferences?
I set filename like this Movie_THSR_01-00-00-00
I will try it again tomorrow.
Thank you so much “Sebastian”.

What are your export parameters (file format, sample rate,…) - For very long project, be aware to not exceed the max file size…


Export parameters : aiff & wave 48 KHz 24 bit
On Nuendo 4 is cool ,but Nuendo 5 alway crash :confused: .

Thank you very much “Bernard Focquet”.

I’m tried all,but still crash.
I used 3 N5 run on 3 PCs are have different trouble :question:
I should be back to N4 or Logic pro soon…I think so. :cry: