Always on Top for Mixer gone!

HI, I just ran in to a somewhat very annoying issue…

The “Always on top” feature for the MixConsole that you got by right clicking in an empty space in the mixer´s toolbar has vanished. No I can´t make the mixer to stay always on top when clicking somewhere else.

This worked fine in 7.5.3

Whats up with this, I can´t for my life think that this is intended…?

OSX yosemite

it is intended and is gone.

What…? really? WHY?? That sounds crazy.

evidently had to be done to fix all of the other z-order issues the MDI had. I wasn’t making a qualitative valuation on why it was done. Just letting you know it is gone and it was done intentionally. I personally would like it back, but for me is very minor compared to some other issues, like mixconsole focus. Obviously for some people it might be a big annoyance.

I’ve already recommended several times that you should play with the new workspaces. They will alleviate (not fix) some of that frustration.

Its a big drawback for me that its gone, I wish steinberg implemented it also to full screen on the main window, as well as on the mixer. Big disappointment here. (this is propably bad english - im that upset.)

I think it´s a big disappointment. Ok if full screen is gone due to new paradigms in yosemite or whatever but AOT must be a different issue no?

I can’t speak to why, only that both things are true (although I think the difference between full screen and maximised is not the earth shattering things some are making it out to be), but AOT I think was pulled to fix Z-Order things. And that one to me is more of an issue for workflow reasons.

I don’t know why AOT for the mixer is gone and I’m on Windows 8.1 not Yosemite but the feature is absolutely crucial to me.