Always-On-Top & Mediabay

Any chance we can Always-on-Top Mediabay yet?


Yes, I hope this is set in C7.

How many years!!! I’m not hopeful though.

At the very least it would be great to be able to move the window to another monitor. To b able to drag and drop into the project.

Also would be nice If the default for double click could be insert at cursor. 99% of the time I have to go searching for the sample in the timeline!

(I know you can do this by right clicking, but my default action is to double click things)

I vote for Always On Top for ALL women…oops, I mean windows!

lol :

surely so simple to implement…

why are so many small additions / fixes not implemented to improve workflow, instead huge additional features…

Get the basics right first otherwise people jump ship, I’m half way out already…

mediabay was “on the top” with cubase 4 but they remove it cause when you hit “delete” on your keyboards it delete the files on the mediabay !

simple solution… delete prompt with a button at the top to go into ‘delete mode’ which would remove the prompt temporarily

I REALLY need mediabay to be always on top… or at least be openable on a 2nd monitor… so that i can drag + drop into the project… that would be an absolutely gigantic productivity boost for me!.

any word on this from anyone that has used Cubase 7?

You can have mediabay on a second monitor now (6.5). I have it on my second monitor with the mixer. I adjusted the size of mediabay so the search bar is just underneath the mixer and i can see samples and previewer at all times. I drag and drop samples from there all the time with no problems

You have your cubase main window expanded across both monitors then.

That doesn’t work so hot when your monitors are different sizes.

I have three screens the third being centred above the two others. When I’m not working on video (which is the main reason for the 3rd screen) it would make an excellent place to place the media bay. That is more or less impossible now (without completely screwing up the behaviour of other windows).

The “Always On Top” functionality should be a separate thing from the ability to drag a window outside of the main window. Or let me rephrase that: ALL windows should ALWAYS be draggable outside the main window at any time without ever having to set anything and “Always On Top” should do exactly what the name implies. Nothing more, nothing less. That would solve the problem, accelerate workflow and make much more sense.

Btw, if I select an unlocked file in the MediaBay and hit delete, I get a window asking me if I want to move the file to the Recycle bin so I’m not exactly sure what the problem really was…

PS: Maximizing windows should behave like in Windows: It should maximize to the current screen, not to the Cubase window! (Especially annoying if the Cubase window is stretched over more than one screen).


I only expand the arranger on the first monitor. I do have 2 27" monitors so thats probably why it works good for me. Didnt really think about different/smaller monitors when i posted that. Either way “always on top” should be available on everything. Doesnt make sense that its not on some things like the editors

Always on top.jpg

o you tease luis !!! :laughing: :laughing:

BRILLIANT! :smiley: this update just gets better and better!

lol, if you weren’t a dang tech support person I’d accuse of trolling :laughing:

If that is true for the Editor screens as well … this will be a GREAT upgrade.

Nice! I wonder how many more little upgrades we will get that we dont even know about yet? Is it Dec 5 yet? :laughing:

Good lord :astonished:

And the Pool too?

yes, longtime wish: All Windows Always On Top for Editors! and Pool window e.g. - of course…

please. :unamused:

But… THX a lot 4 MediaBay O.O.T.!