"always on top" plugin in Wavelab

I love the one plugin window with separate tabs in Wavelab. I wish Cubase had that.

But is there a way to keep one plugin always visible, you know, like a VU Meter you’ve inserted in the Master Section?

You mean, you want both an individual plugin window, and a plugin tabbed window?

essentially, yes. That would be ideal.
But if I must, I’d prefer to be able to keep individual plugins open so I can always see their meters – just like I can always see certain Wavelab meters.

Are you aware that this is an option to have plugins in individual windows or in a tabbed window?
What is currently not possible is to have both.

There is an exception: the famous Steinberg Supervision plugin always opens in an individual window.

I’m not aware. But I did look for that in the preferences and didn’t quickly find it. (Or maybe I right-clicked on the tabbed group only to see if I could change that option.) I can’t remember. I’ll give another look.

Reaper has the feature, I think, of allowing one plugin to float outside the “tabbed” group. I think. I need to double check that.



Thanks very much.

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Is there a way to keep the master section plugin chain always visible?

When I click inspector it goes away. And sometimes when I click back to the Master section it pops up again on my main screen, not the 2nd screen I had moved it to. Thanks.