Always on top: Roland Cloud

Please fix this mr. Steiny!

changing: Preferences - VST- Plug-ins : Plug-in Editors Always on Top to OFF

Disabling this still makes the Roland Cloud plugins go Always on top. So irritating!!

Roland cloud plugins are badly coded: cubase 11 freezes when right clicking the menubar off the plug in and deselect ‘always on top’.

cheers, Rob

I wonder if Mr Steiny can actually fix what Mr Roland broke.

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I trialed the Roland cloud plugins and they sound great but they slowed my pc down and Cubase took a long time to load and shut with them. They also caused crashes and odd behaviour. Needless to say I removed them all including the free ones as it wasn’t worth the trouble. They are very badly implemented.

By the way, switching Always on Top to OFF in preferences doesn’t work for already loaded plugins. Is there a command to do this?

the sound of the plug ins is phenomenal, can’t live without them anymore :slight_smile: