Always On Top?

  1. Can I make plugins never “Always On Top?” Preference is unchecked.
  2. Can Cubase remember my audio interface so it doesn’t have to ask again on startup, for real?
  3. Can I delete “Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins” from the plugin path, If so, how?

I have searched the forum for answers, but may have missed. If I have missed, sorry for using the bandwidth.

Using Cubase 9 and UR 824

Hi there Bake

Re question 2 there is a problem there, it is to do with the ur driver apparently, if you go back to the previous driver it doesn’t ask at startup. Re no 3, go into the plugin manager, there’s a little cog wheel in there somewhere for settings, you can delete and add new paths there. Re no 2, not sure here but I know that right clicking some plugins (guitar rig in my case) title bar one can click or untick always on top there.

Best Regards