Always reopens at the top of the project

An odd thing, a project I’m working on that keeps going through a edit-save-quit cycle, when I reopen it frequently (or I think all the time) keeps opening back up at the first page of the project, not where I was last working.

New behavior with 5.0 - wondering if anybody else is seeing this.

This has been a problem since 4.0. Problem is random. Some users see it, some don’t.


This happens to me all the time too, but I recently discovered a way to make the project go to where I last saved it after I open it. I use a trackpad instead of a mouse, and after I open a project I simply do a zoom-in gesture on the trackpad and voilà, the window scrolls to where I left it.

Daniel once surmised that this problem was caused by a timing issue, so perhaps when the project window is created when you open the project, Dorico is trying to scroll and zoom the window to its last saved position before the computer is ready to receive those instructions. Zooming the window before you do anything else seems to do the trick.

That makes a lot of sense. And given a different build with 5.0 explains why it’s showing up for me now, but not before. Qt is probably on it’s own thread which creates or makes the problem worse too I’d expect. Order of initialization is always a bear.

For reference, here is the thread from a year ago (also inconclusive).

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