Always same question about performance optimizing

Hi folks
im trying to find the culprit on my computer.
here my specs:
Intel Core i9-10900X CPU 3.70
64 GB Ram
SSD 850 samsung 500Gb for System
SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB for samples
Standard Disc… for audio recording

Windows 10 Pro 2004

Latency mon shows no problems

Task manager uses 19% CPU and 22% of RAM

… and i still get huge dropouts when i load several synths plugins etc. but nothing huge.

Can someone help me to optimize my system?Or can you send me a useful link with a checklist to optimize or find the culprit(s)?

many thanks for any help

Have you changed the power plan to ultimate? If it’s not an option just google it and there are instructions how to enable it as an option.

thanks mkok

yeah its a little bit better, but still, with this machine …?
but cool, one step ahead, thanks

other good tips?

I also disable windows updates for a week if I’m doing anything important. As it stands I haven’t had any real problems but there were loads of other stuff when I did a google search. I’m sure there’s a list about somewhere for stuff in bios to look at as well as other bits.