Always show preset names in Settings

I have noticed that in the global program settings and other program presets, like the control room, or the keybord-shortcut dialogue once you change anything the preset that was being loaded before that change was made is not displayed anymore. Therefore one cannot see on which preset was loaded and which preset was the actual preset the change was based on. If one forgets to save every time one makes a change that information is not retrievable anymore. Say you changed a setting and closed the dialogue. Then, maybe after a very long time you come back to the settings menu and change another thing. Now the preset-name panel is empty and you need to guess upon which preset the changes were based. Instead of hiding the preset name completely to indicate that the current configuration is unsaved it would be better to still show the preset name maybe in italics to indicate that there were unsaved changes applied to that loaded preset. I found this behavior in many other instances, eg. in the display properties for the top-inspectors or the right side inspectors, etc.