Always some tech issues

For a company so big and powerful the tech support online people GREG specifically sucks . And the hours of operation are hindering . Most days the product works fine with that said I always end up losing recording sessions with people do to the program needing upgrades and tech support not being available . When you need them . I’m usually in the studio by 9am- 10am pacific time . If I have an issue I have to wait till the next day to have to issue resolved … that is horrible customer service . Forget if the issue is found on a Friday then I have to wait till Monday . Absolutely trash . This trend started with Covid . Well that’s long over now and still the most miserable and minimalist approach to helping the customer is what I’m provided with . Granted most of the issues are minor but convenience is what the customer is paying for . And I believe in my heart that since Yamaha has taken over it’s been a downhill slide in quality of service and product . I’ve been using the product way too long unfortunately to walk away I’m what you would call invested in both of our successes. So I’m left with a broken heart and now know that your company is wasting funds paying guys like Greg to type a few things out and then cut off communication with the customer cause they have no ability to help fix any issues . Sucks to have to be so lame . I would t even feel like I should have the job if I couldn’t help a customer . What are you all doing in Steinberg land . Beside taking half days .

Steinberg US Support

You can reach us at 844-358-4022 Monday through Friday 9 am - 1 pm EST.

that’s 7 am till 11 am pacific time

Chat support

agents are available to chat with you Monday through Friday 9 am - 8 pm EST.

I love it tho the have a chat line . Like school girls giggling about Tommy and who had a bigger cruse on him . So lame forget about the chat line n get some real techs that can help the customer solve issues

What do you want?

I’ve managed to fix many problems between this forum and google.

Agreed. And in my experience, Steinberg customer service has always been outstanding. I have gotten responses in less than 24 hours and they have worked extensively with me, even taking remote control of my computer to fix an issue!!

Really? You actually liked support under Pinnacle?

This is how it was for me with MOTU about 20 years ago when PCs were an afterthought. Yes, lots of giggling but it all stopped once they actually tested the issue on a PC.

Best support for me is Google, forums, this:

and that:
and the manual of course.