Always Start Key Editor from Bar 1

Is there any way to set the beginning of the key editor pattern to bar irrespective of where I put the pattern in the project? For example, if I want to start a pattern in the middle of the bar (for example second beat) in the main project window. This will specifically help me with orchestral compositions. Please help!

I don’t think so as it has to reflect where you are in the arrangement. I’m not even sure how that could work. Unless someone knows differently.

No because the fundamental objects the Key Editor edits are MIDI Parts and not Tracks or Sections of Tracks like some other DAWs. However it is perfectly fine to have the MIDI Part which contains your pattern start at the beginning of the Project and contain many empty bars before your pattern. You can resize MIDI Parts by dragging their lower left & right corners.

I understand. Thankyou so much for the responses. I use Ableton Live as my main DAW actually. Trying to get into Cubase. Actually it would be a bit easier to follow the bpm if I could start the pattern at the beginning of a bar for instance but put it at any portion of the timeline, for instance,, etc. Anyways, I understand since there is no such feature, I will try to find a workaround and get used to it.

I’m not sure I quite follow this, although I suspect it’s possible to get there. I don’t understand what you mean by “start” and “put it at” and how they differ. Can you post a screenshot showing what you’re starting with & how you’d want it to change.

Notice how my pattern is placed at bar 9 beat 2, however my piano roll starts at bar 1. This is what i was referring to.

What in the world is Ableton doing? This would confuse the h*ll out of me.
I am sorry but this looks like a pattern based approach and Cubase does not have this.

Before your screenshot I was thinking if you could use a shared copy of the MIDI part and put it in another location to start on the bar. Any changes you make to that part would also be made to the original part. But this is not quite what you are asking for.

I guess even with the love-hate relationship, we really get used to our DAWs. I was literally looking everywhere for that feature for the past 3 days. It actually helped me a lot while programming midi in piano roll, when I had to insert a pattern at a weird position like bar 81 - beat 3.3 or something while scoring. lmao. Anyways thankyou so much for the responses. Much appreciated.

That said, you may want to explore using the Arranger Track.

I understand. I will look into it today.

I think shivumpande would just like the ruler of the key editor to start at independent from the part’s actual location in the project. The Arranger track would not help here.

I just meant in the context of being a more pattern-esque approach.

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