Always Start New Page?

I’m working with a score that I started before 1.1 was released. Using 1.1, I added several new flows. I had (and still have) the flow option “Always Start New Page” enabled. Even so, each flow does not start in its own page (see the picture). Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,

Are you certain that the option to start new flows on new pages is set as you expect for the layout you are currently looking at?

I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly. In my project I have this option turned on. I assume that it’s a global option for the project. After that, when I add flows they do not start a new page. Am I missing something?

No, it’s an option per layout, not per project.

I don’t remember everything from all your threads about your project, but if you have created new layouts, they may not have “inherited” starting on a new page from anywhere. For example the default for “full score” layouts might be to start a new page, but the default for “parts” layouts might be to continue on the current page.

Ok. Thank you. I’ll check this out tonight. I only have one layout, but perhaps my changes did not apply to it somehow.

Just to repeat what Daniel said: changes to Layout Options only apply to the flows that are selected in the left hand panel of the Layout Options window.

Also, if you “explore” several categories within Layout Options while looking for the option you want, it’s easy to forget to click “apply” to a category where you changed something else before you started searching!

Yes, Daniel. I checked this out and I’m certain that the option applies to my current layout. The problem appears to be with my project, because a new project behaves normally. Could it be that the project was created before the update to 1.1?

Since I’m already sending my project to you for other reasons, perhaps you’ll be able to figure out why it is behaving this way.