Always Wondering Why

This is a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal song. Another attempt at singing for me. Also trying to get a thick, punchy sound.
Comments are welcome.

Always Wondering Why

Very cool tune. I think your arrangement is good but it lacks dynamics. There are some interesting changes in the song but the mix doesn’t really convey the energy change. The drums are kind of laying there and I think they can really be brought to bear, driving away on those sections.

Lot of good ideas in this song, agree with jjtcorsair regarding the dynamics, needs heavier drums and bigger bass IMHO…some harmonies on the vox from “has a cat got your tongue” would add interest and there are a few timing issues but I know how hard it is to get the song that’s in your head into the box sounding the same as in your head cause I suffer from the same thing, I can hear how big and awesome this song could be…keep at it jaslan, you’ve got the ideas, it’s an uphill struggle from there…Kevin

Hi JL, lots of good about this song. I like the guitars a lot. Interesting polyrhythms. Drums and bass work for me. Vocals sound like you’re trying to hide a little bit. I’m not a singer so I can’t advise.

Thanks for listening and the tips everyone!

I like your ideas, I just think it should have better form (beginning, middle, bridge , end). After 1:48 there is no more singing and it feels like the song gets lost in long guitar solos and some talking voices (which I don’t like). Michael

Good points. There are words for the chorus, which I did attempt to sing but I couldn’t pull it off. :smiley:
I guess it is a work still in progress…


Suggestion: at about the 1:00 mark, where the second verse begins, we need something to add interest … I heard the snare a couple times, maybe you could bring that, or even all the drums, in at that point

The vocal is kind of distorted – was that intentional? It sounds more raspy than anything.

Shaker… on a metal tune? :confused:

I agree with others the song is lacking some low-end heft. For example, at around 2:00 the bass sounds fine – nice and low and solid. But then, from 2:50 to 3:10, it comes off as weak again. The low D sounds fine, but when it goes up to B-flat it sounds weak. Unless I’m just WAY OFF, a 5-string bass would let you go down to the lower B-flat, then it would KICK ASS. Also, some EQ would help things.

I have added a lot more low end. I think I may have overdone it but maybe I am just not used to hearing it that way. At least I will be bracketing if it is too much. Also, a couple minor changes to the arrangement.

Always Wondering Why

Nice tune. Reminded me of Tool :slight_smile: Agree with the comments above. I liked staccato guitar lead part at the 0:18 maybe you could bring that back in to lift out of the bridge to give the outro some “pop”

I’m STILL really wanting some added element around the 1:00 mark – I think snare would be great

Bass is sounding a lot better. Dude, drums at 3:30 ARE KILLIN’!!!

I love this tune :sunglasses: