AM and Track processing prior to Clip processing


Is it possible to have Track plugins processing audio prior to the Clip plugins processing in an Audio Montage in current version?
I.e. being able to route audio between Tracks and Clips, somethig similar to the “pre-fader” settings you have in your DAW.
A “Pre Clip Processing” option for a Track plugin?

I haven’t found any solution for that.

Moste often I have individual effect processing on each clip in a montage, but also would like to have som general processing done on track level.
And quite often I want to have this done prior to the processing done on each clip.

The only option for this seems currently to be to add that/those plugin(s) on all clips in the montage as well, and by that adding to performance etc.

If this is not possible today I would like to add this as a proposal for future improvements if possible.


Not possible ever, by principle. Indeed, think about overlapping clips on the same track. The clip signal can’t be sent to a shared plugin and then be “unshared”.