Am I able to run both 5LE and 7LE on the same computer?

I have a Tascam us1800 interface which came with 5LE and I also have 7LE which I got with another piece of equipment. I use 7LE as my main DAW but I have to use 5LE with the US1800 because 7LE does not allow more than 8 inputs at one time which makes it useless with the 16 input Tascam. Can I install 7 on the same machine without it deleting or upgrading 5 to 7? I want them to install as 2 separate programs. No, I do not expect that they can run at the same time nor will I ever need to so that is not an issue for me.

Thanks for the help

Yes. Whole number and .5 updates have individual program directories and each has it’s own settings folder.

Steve, thank you for the quick reply. This will be a big help!