Am I doing anything wrong trying to download C11?? Time Sync Solved it

I can’t get the elicenser to update. However. the Download manager I manually updated. However when I try to start it brings up my browser to sign in and I enter the password and it then says I have to allow the program to open in the browser, but nothing happens. If I try it again I’m told that I have tried too many times. This is not a good user experience.


Steinberg servers are overloaded in these 2 days. Please, be patient.

Hi Martin
My elicenser is updated. I uninstalled the Download assistant however when I re-install it and launch the download assistant it goes as far as signing in but then nothing happens. I I try again I have to wait for a while for the system to let me try again and the same thin happens so that I can’t download C11. I think something has happened to the Download Assistant, or I am doing something wrong.


The issue was Time Sync as emdebee suggested. Once performed everything worked.