Am I Dreaming?

Hi There

I downloaded and paid for VST connect Pro, but the Pro version doesn’t seem to show up in Cubase 8.05 Pro, which is quite misleading as it still loads the SE Gui, however;

I mainly want to work with my pianist with him playing his midi keyboard over the internet remotley and him triggering my Vst instruments. Me playing back VST and Audio tracks from my DAW back to him and him playing along and me recording his midi, all perfectley in time.

We both have stable DSL fibre optic internet services and are connected via LAN to our routers with average Ping each end of about 15ms.

I was led to believe that this software would enable a transparent solution to remote collaboration with fairly moderate resources , however it currently seems unplayable as the latency is way too high for the performer.

Also the Vst Connect software will not allow me to switch the Hardware Soundcard latency lower than 512 samples buffer size. If I do the signal becomes distorted and jittery. The buffer settings within the VST Connect software seem virtual to me and don’t effect the timimg as much as hardware buffer settings do.

Am I dreaming or is this possible. I would welcome any help from anyone acheiving sucesssful results



I don’t use VST connect but I’d be certain that remotely playing a VST instrument over the internet is going to have substantial latency. This isn’t a Cubase or VST Connect issue, its physics. The speed of light and the various opto-electrical converters, plus shared bandwidth interruptions on the internet backbone are going to add many milliseconds - and your doing a round trip with all the instrument buffering as well.

As they say in networking calls, bandwidth is variable but latency is forever.

I suspect VST connect isn’t really designed to do this particular scenario. Can you musician generate the sound locally and your record the MIDI and any other audio (vocals) you require?

You can still playback MIDI using the VST instruments that way but no latency for your musician.

Sounds like i’m misunderstanding the limitations of the system.

I thought maybe using the VSTi “locally” might be a good solution?

I will try this.

Thanks for the time and info!


I specifically wanted to record midi remotely and at the time - only VST connect Pro would do this and ONLY from Channel 1 with Cubase 7 and 7.5 I do believe the included SE version in Cubase 8 records midi but I am waiting for the PRO upgrade for other reasons.

The key to recording midi is for the performer to send you an anologue output of the instrument at the same time. This is to help the engineer hear things in real time. I disable the monitoring of the midi stream but I can see that it is recording by looking at the track. Trying to monitor the midi track results in such terrible latency that it is to hard to make any judgements about the performance. I monitor the “anologue” track that is set close to the sound of the midi instrument I like. Of course, once I get the midi track recorded, I can set it’s output to any VSTi or even hardware that I like. I have recorded drums this way many times but unless you know of the limitation of only recording channel 1 you will have a problem. I had to buy a channel switching box for the Yamaha DTXplorer that was hard wired to Channel 10. Hopefully the upgrades have fixed this.