Am I dumb..or just overlooking the obvious ?


I’ll try to give a simplified example;
Up to yesterday when I wrote a simple automaton pass (volume) on my many group tracks, it did not create an additional volume date lane. The track turned red and the pass was recorded and read back just the way I like it and wanted it.
However, the new thing is…whatever settings I’d apply : automaton panel = show none/used/used only …or in the track context menu = hide all, it only works in read mode after the pass.
Now if I touch to write a change, it brings up the automation lane yet again :confused:
What did I do to change that behavior ?


Groups are always showing volume so no additional lane is created. There is also a preference in the automation panel preferences to reveal parameter on write.

Yes, that’s how it was until yesterday.
However, you have solved my problem :
reveal parameter on write
Crap… my intern ( Pro Tools trained ! ) was setting up my session. It’s all good now.
Many, many thanx :slight_smile: