Am i going crazy

Up until now i have been using a UR44 + Roland VS-2480 ( a HD recording Hardware with mixer) I only using it as mixer, i have three rack synths and use Kontakt 5 and VST Instruments.

I had what i thought was is a great idea to get rid of the 2480 (as difficult to get a final mix off it, as audio coming from synths and UR44.) and purchase an Audio interface that had enough Inputs so i could put the outputs from synths directly into audio interface…

I looked at the UR-824 but did not have enough line inputs.

so i went for the Roland Studio Capture… It is great

But what i am frustrated about is that every time i use it i have to set up the inputs for the synths that are plugged into it and set the levels on Roland’s own software the “Roland Studio Capture Control Panel” so my question is

  1. Can i not control the settings on the Roland Studio Capture from within Cubase 9 … ie. set input levels, on the UR-44 i never ever used the DSPmixer only used Cubase. if not can this be done on the UR-824. I do not want to have to set levels in two different programs for every song i work on.

  2. Can anyone suggest a solution or a method for me to use even if not with the Roland, i have only had it 4 days so can be returned and UR-824 purchased instead
    Thanks for your help in advance

Levels - not sure what you mean.
a) All rack gear would have master volume, or?
b) interface has input level - or are there no knobs for that so you need to use software, and this changes between projects?
c) are you setting up external instruments in Cubase(Pro only)?
This allow to lock certain inputs for external gear, set a midi port and also adjust levels on input.
You then create an instrument track as any other VST instrument among External Plugins in list.

These input busses though are exclusive for this purpose once set - or you have to setup for each usage - but you get a confirming message of to replace where inputs are already assigned.
But presets can be made to recall in a smooth fashion - when creating a new project.

Please tell which Cubase version you use.

I have the Roland Studio Capture (RST) myself now for a few years and it works great here. As far as I know you can not integrate the Roland mixer into Cubase but you really don’t have to anyway. The thing you need to do first is set the input levels in the RST mixer so they don’t clip at their highest used level. Next set the DAW monitor at unity (the signal level that will be send to the Cubase inputs). You can optionally use compression on the inputs in the RST mixer but I’d rather do everything in the Cubase mixconsole. Next you need to set up your input busses in Cubase:

You can rename your inputs ports in the Cubase devices setup or in Windows audio for convenience so you won’t have to do with 'IN 1–2 (1), IN 1–2 (2) etc. The most convenient way to set up your inputs is if you have Cubase Pro because you can add ‘external instruments’ that will, after they are created, have their own VST you can use as any normal VST instrument. You can also have a midi device connected to it to be be able to select patches from the track inspector and make some changes to the selected patch, but that’s optional. If you don’t have the Pro version you must do with normal audio input busses but it will also work. You then need to play the synth via a midi channel and monitor/record the audio on a separate track.

After you created your inputs you can do all your work from the Cubase mixconsole and only have the RST mixer along side to make minor input and/or routing adjustments. Hope this clarifies one and other?

Please check one thing in the driver settings panel of the RST and make sure ‘Reduce CPU load’ is active. Otherwise the latency will be a lot higher!

Thank you for the advice Nickeldome tried what you suggested and it worked.

I love the Pre-amps on the Roland just frustrated that they have not spent as much effort on making it usable with different DAW’s, you would think they would considering they do not have a DAW. It is like they are dipping there toes in The Home studio market but not doing enough.
The Roland is on it’s way back to the shop and i have got the UR-824 instead, do not like the PreAmps as much but not really an issue. I change between 3-4 songs a session when i am working and to continuously keep tweaking the levels in the Roland would get me down LoL.

But thanks for all the reply’s i do appreciate it