Am I in the minority here???

I know of people having some issues ranging from minor to MAJOR on Cubase 8 Pro & Cubase 8.5 Pro but am I one of the only ones who seems to never have a problem with Cubase? (At least since I switched from Mac back to Windows)


I’m glad to read this.

I don’t know whether you are in a minority, but you are lucky.

You never know when something will strike you out of the blue. I had years of trouble-free use of Cubase until 6.5. Then it was crashes nearly every session and I was hating the fact that most other users thought it was the most stable version of Cubase. Yet on upgrading to 7 the crashes stopped. All I can say is that you are lucky until you are not.

Hi all,

I don’t know if I’m a minority, but I have never had any problem with the Cubase programme (LE4 to Pro 8.5) :smiley:

The only 2 issues I have had were)

  1. Having to trash prefs after checking “do not ask again” which is my / operator error

  2. VST Connect, getting it to work when it came out. With this issue Musicullum provided all the support and advise I needed to educate myself and use the programme.

EVERYTHING else is rock solid for me :smiley:

Thanks Steinberg.

I hope everyone here has a fabulous 2016

Best to all,

Jim B

No issues here…

please don’t hate but Cubase runs like a dream here! so much so I haven’t had to post an issue on this forum since c8 on windows 7 (not to say there isn’t any bugs or broke features that need addressing) I do feel for those who have show stopping issues. things can b improved on. if there was a lean Cubase version with no bells and whistles imo would be good. just the core and no vst etc

I also think set ups and features used by individuals may have a contributing factor on impressions of Cubase be it negative or positive , but issues I have encountered are no show stoppers.

fwiw - migrating to windows 10 really solved my font/graphic/loading /saving and other issues. Been so busy making music rather than fighting Cubase. brilliant!!!

I often manage to boil down my issues to plugins or my stupidness and normally solve them. Again not to say some issues are present due to just how Cubase works, trying to please everybody.
suffice to say that those with minor issues do not post on forum and just get on with it

C8.5 on windows 8.1 (w10 won’t install) and the rest works without any problem here (mainly vsl, reactor, occasional audio rec)

Sx3 to 8 was issue free. Same system. 8.5 gave me install and content issues.

with complete respect to the poster of this thread…the reality is the harder you push Cubase the more often you come across the problems. If you just skate around the basics and add a midi channel, and a few audio ones and thats the extent of your work then youre less likely to be tripped up.

The hard-core power users of Cubase that sit on it 8 hours a day, know every key command and spin across them like a wizard and have to edit up product daily to a deadline, for instance in a Radio station or something, they are the ones that tend to know where the problems are.

This is why some people have “no problems” and others always seem to find them. The other reason is certainly hardware compatibility issues…

No big issues while having 8+ hours a day with Cubase. I think I just have learned (and do so with every new version) what does not work and know how to avoid troublesome areas.

Then again there are so many users with different profiles, workflows, hardwares, controllers, demands - this is asking for trouble. It’s the nature of the beast that not everything can work for everyone all of the time. Any DAW is a work in progress and though my personal concerns were often not adressed in Cubase updates and upgrades other time they happened to be. So, it’s not perfect but ‘alive’ :laughing: When the new mixer was introduced in 7 (which I was very unhappy with in its initial version) I demo’d different competitors just to return very quick.

Very well said!

A good example is the use of key commands that some might consider “small issue” such as a key command that turns on a function, yet there is no key command to turn it off. That is small and may only save a second or two for a user who is working all day on a project, but when you add those “small issues” up, it becomes a big issue for users who value faster workflow. And there are missing key commands too. It’s like an engineer who tinkers with subtle sounds, yet when they add up over the stages it really does make a difference.

I think marQs is right on…there are so many users with different profiles, workflows, hardwares, controllers, demands…it’s amazing Cubase works as well as it does considering all the features it contains.

I will guarantee my issues of using Cubase in a project studio with 4-21 inch monitors (3 mix consoles 1 arrange page) interfaced with a QconPro MCU plus lots of hardware synths etc will be very different than someone using a laptop. Especially the Cubase windows issues.

I have never had any performance problem with Cubase since 1997. Weird huh?

Have had lots of issues but almost in every case found a work-a-round so I could kept doing what I do.
In the early days this was the standard workflow, do advanced stuff in multiple steps and the work-a-rounds are just that!

Next time don’t trash your prefs, Once you click “don’t ask again” on a pop-up you can go to Cubase’s “preferences” (command+, on a mac), find whatever it is and click to show the pop-up again.

I’ve made my living with Cubase full time for about 20 years and I’ve never had major issues with it. OBVIOUSLY there are features I’d like to see added/changed/improved but at no point have I been unable to work productively with this amazing piece of software. I’m often surprised when I see people posting seemingly in a rage about how some problem or other has ruined their life but perhaps I’ve just been lucky enough to never experience any kind of show stopping issue (Even if I did, I guess I’d just go back to the previous version and carry on working until the issue was sorted out but maybe that’s just me).

Well said.

I think C8.5 is rock solid and i am enjoying making music with 8.5.

that’s exactly my experience :smiley:


Yep, Totally agree. Couldn’t have put it any better.

no everything works ok for me too. some minor issue now and then, but I do get a lot of help from the support and the forum and most of times when things goes wrong it is based in the pc /mac, even if it looks like the software, but it orginate from the computer hardware. I got cubase 8.0.35 and it is very good. I think some of the complainers are just mean and unfair, and some of the critics are not based on knowledge.

To people who have no issues at all… are you actually using anything more than recording few channels of audio/midi? Because if you really have no issues, it makes me wonder if you are actually using Cubase extensively. Cubase is full of issues, it is not too hard to find them.
But, yes, if you load an audio track, record your fiddle, and overdub guitar and vocal, then mix all those three channels with onboard channel effects, then surely I can understand that you have no issues at all.
BTW, here 8.5 looked quite solid at first sight, but just today I discovered that with some projects made in previous versions, sound just stops for no reason. It is not asio dropout. First project is playing fine, then it all stops. Playback head is still moving, seconds are counting, but zero output on VU meters for few seconds, like all tracks would suddenly be empty. After some seconds VU meters show signal again, and all works fine again. Never had this before, seems to be new with 8.5, and it only happens with projects created on older version of Cubase.