Am I missing content

The Halion content manager says that I am missing content (see attatchment), but I have reinstalled and re installed, to no avail. About 3 weeks ago, something got weird and I had to re install everything steinberg, Now I can’t find “Elect Drums” or “Alan Morgan 1” although I don’t seem to have a license for that one. I think that I bought it a while back. All very confusing! If any one has any insight, please help. Also, I have a template for transforming breath to velosity in the track transformer, but it is for an old track transformer. If anyone has a template for the modern track transformer, breath to velocity, it would be appreciated greatly as I play an EWI 5000. :neutral_face:

This is Cubase content. You likely installed Halion 6 for all users but didn’t do the same for Cubase.

If you don’t share this computer, I recommend reinstalling Halion then Cubase (from the full 10GB installer) without ticking “install for all users”.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Did all that, still can’t find “Elect drums”