Am I missing factory content?

So I click on ‘factory content’ and then click on the ‘Midi loops’ folder expecting to see a bunch of different midi loops for different genre’s that i can drop into my track and use with whatever kit i’ve built in groove agent or superior drummer, instead the only thing inside of it is ‘chord pads patterns’ which has a measley 40 things to choose from…for the chord pad.

i looked around in the other folders. theres the EDM Toolbox which has 35 or so of these little premade songs that are extremely basic and I have no clue who gets any use out of these lol.

I feel like I’m missing something or that maybe it didn’t get installed correctly. Is this the same for everyone else

Aloha m,

So I click on ‘factory content’

Where is that?


Well it should be in the same folder i told the installer to install Cubase to. According to mediabay it’s in VSTsound/factory content but inside of there are just a bunch of .vstsound files

checked the C: folder as well, nothing

on top of that i have no idea why cubase installs itself along with an addition VST Plugins folder onto the C: when you tell it to install elsewhere. its messy

Have you rescanned the locations in Mediabay?
Look for the folder “VST Sound” and give that a rescan.

Here you go, so you can see what I’m looking at. I clicked rescan and it found the same stuff, nothing changed.

I see no way to change this “vst sound” directory the mediabay is referring to…is it looking in the c or d drive? can you select it somewhere?
factory content.GIF