Am I missing something ?

As far as I can see every update since 7.02 has been a waste of time…

What am I supposed to be getting?

Most of the reported improvements don’t seem obvious to me…

Having said that I am using 7.02 quite happily. And am happy to continue doing so.

Both 7.03 and 7.04 have both taken a step back as far as I am concerned.

Reinstalling 7.02 now.

In fact. I have been sent s 30 day demo of Live Suite… downloading now. Maybe it’s back to Live again…Full circle. :unamused:


I understand your frustration, but could you point out what are the drawbacks for you?
7.0.4 seems a lot better than 7.0.2 to me … but maybe I missed some stuff :S

It seems to me as SB try to repair certain functions they sabotage others…

My template project is very complex and I use very advanced Generic remote settings, and it seems with each update these settings adapt or mutate into different functions or just don’t work at all.

The MC changes every time… Now the locked channels seem separate from the rest of the mixer and don’t fit correctly, and just look odd.

I have had enough of C7 and Push has certainly got me interested; so as soon as I can get hold of one I will be going back to Ableton.