Am I The Only One Who Forgets To Use New Features?

…like the Mixer Undo. Even though it’s potentially HUUUUUGE. After 16 years without, I’ve gotten so used to working without it I literally forget to use it… EVERY DAY.

I kinda wish Cubase had the occasional ‘reminder’… like a lot of web apps… with a little bubble window that nagged you about new features until you hit the ‘Got It!’ button.


To be honest I don’t even read about the new features. I’m too busy making music. Sometimes I stumble about them by accident. It makes me wonder sometimes why to update to the latest version. A bubble window is a good idea!

EDIT - Like Fabfilter, you can turn them off if you don’t like them.

I discover new things in Cubase all the time! Sometimes I wonder if they are “new” features. :smiley:

First time I heard a request asking to be nagged.

That’s the great thing about these ‘bubble reminders’ I see all the time now in Google, Microsoft and Android phone apps… It doesn’t matter -when- you first run across them. Even if it’s been in the program for 10 years, when -you- first run across a feature for the first time it’s totally new to -you-.

So it’s FABULOUS from a user-standpoint. So often, I run across stuff that was never properly documented, or it was ‘new’ 10 years ago and I’ve forgotten about it… or never studied it. But a bubble reminder doesn’t care. The progammer simply puts it into THE PROGRAM when they add it and it’s self-documenting.

Total win-win for devs and users.

Greg Ondo VSTtm

I look forward to all the complaints about the nagging bubble windows when they are incorporated into Cubase 10 in response to user requests in this thread.

You could try nagging yourself !! by sticking Notepad (Project menu) in a corner somewhere ?? with memos written on it…

stingrays got it. I’ve go one stick it that says “Phantom power you arse” as a reminder and it seems to work. I’m forever forgetting to switch on phantom power when plugging in my mics. A lot less head scratching for me now. I think i might start using reminders for working on new stuff. Also there’s sticky notes in Windows to do the same on screen.

Please do not make it so bubbles are popping up all over my screen. How distracting!

How does one propose they would go away? Surely adding clicks isn’t a good goal to have. Neither is having to wait for them to “fade away” before getting access to the controls behind them.

Youtube is full of discussion and explanation of the new Cubase features, with vids both Steinberg-created and otherwise. I’d recommend that a better way to learn the new features is researching them, just as one does with a new plug-in or a piece of hardware.

Is anyone else with me that the “Got it!” button is rather patronizing? It’s almost as bad as having to click a button saying “No, thank you, maybe next time.” when I just want that thing to screw off.

With all respect, wording less patronizing than a “Got it!” button would not fix the problem - having bubbles and buttons pop up every time I move my mouse across the screen is crazy in my opinion, no matter how they are worded.

I was already agreeing with that before you posted here.


Well it’s all new to me. I did wonder if I was the only person who just got on with things and did not think about the new stuff. Someone mentioned a while back about a new sampler. Not tried that. Mixer undo? I never do it in the first place let alone undo it. I tend to go along at my own pace and discover new functionality when I am trying to do something a bit different. This is not always about Cubase. I am exploring a new world of parallel compression and finding that quite exciting. I tend to have more modest expectations, as I very rarely exceed 40 tracks and use a band oriented approach with not a lot of electronics. I don’t want tip bubbles coming up all over the place - thank God hover has gone. I just want things to work reliably.

However I have discovered the drum map changes where you can see only the used bits of the kit or the whole lot. Now I do like that…a lot.

I make a point of using the new features, every time a new Cubase version comes along. It even happens that I open the manual and read about them. :astonished:

Oh Gawd I’ve heard about people like that! :open_mouth:

yup I find new features, am excited about it and forget all about it in the next session.

Oh no … please don’t introduce the Steinberg paperclip!!!

“It appears you’re trying to apply parallel compression. Would you like help with this?”

All these replies about “I don’t want to anything else hovering!” are ridiculous.

Almost everyone with a smartphone or who uses any significant web app already knows and appreciates these ‘tips’. You see them -once- (if you prefer) and then they are gone forever.

The Cubase UI is (or should be) -very- much like a smartphone—a terribly complex device for which almost NO ONE actually wants to study a manual. A good smartphone is self-documenting. You open it and start using it almost immediately–which is amazing given how much junk they do. Bubble reminders are one way to introduce users to new features as they run across them.

And besides? Cubase already has had these sorts of ‘Tips’ for years… LOTS of places where a dialog appears with a ‘Don’t Show This Again’ checkbox. I just think that system should be extended to all new features, since most of us do NOT make a point of studying -every- new feature as it comes on=line.

As one person said it: “I’m too busy making music.”

Exactly. The days of study, study, study of 1,000 page manuals are OVER.

What we need is an app for your phone that connects to Cubase and senses what you are doing and pops up useful info on your phone or tablet. Then you can use it or ignore it. Whatever takes your fancy.