Am I the Only One?

I have simply NEVER had a smooth purchasing experience of ANY Steinberg product.

Today I tried to upgrade from GA4 to 5.
I got the receipt from PayPal. Great.
The steinberg store displayed a ‘Download Code / Activation Code.’ ( well which one IS IT?)
So I figure I’ll just plop that into the Steinberg Download Manager. BUT WAIT.
The Download Manager needs Updating…
Which FAILS.
So I Click on the Help button.
Which tells me how to circumvent the failure by downloading missing components if I just click this link.
Which I do. And install. But does NOTHING to fix the problem.
So I launch the Steinberg Download Assistant and let if fail to update. (10 minutes)
Then I paste the is-it-a-download-or-is-it-an-activation-code to hopefully download?
NOPE! It is apparently an activation code! Yeah!
So I am lead to the e-licenser. Which… WORKS! Amazing.
And then what?
So I try to go download the app straight from
Of course not: I am told to kindly to use the Steinberg Download Assistant.
Which, as I’ve just described, does NOT work.
I just spent $100 for an upgrade code to a piece of software I can not access.

And, as usual for EVERY piece of software I ever buy from Steinberg: I need customer support to get it done.

I should call somebody to help… Awwww… nice try: AskNet US stops taking calls at 1 pm. Which country is this? France? (I can say that because I am French. : )

Absolutely terrible experience. Every time. Am I the only one?