Am i the only over who prefers The grand 2 over 3?

This is the worst ever for me…
Ive lost my code and disc for the grand 2.
Its been so long since ive had to install it.
My computer crashed i had to get a new one, so i went out and purchased the grand 3
I do not like it at all. Its way to bright sounding even when I eq it its just not the same.
I have a legit copy of The Grand 3 and i REALLLLLYYY need the grand 2.
Is this weird?
Im lost on what to do

You probably should take a deeper look at the parameters inside G3 that might affect brightness.

I have used these since G1 and have not had an issue with translation over the years (almost decade)

I have a grand 2, i can sell it to you if you are interested. I am in agreement with you, g3 way too bright. I have one and not liking it at all,thinking of switching to ivory

Aloha A,

IMHO great move. Ivory is a beautiful app.

One downside is I find it hard to ‘rock’ with it
unless I ‘dirty’ it up first.

Hard to believe but the VST Rack works great for that purpose.
But be gentle. Easy does it!


Well does anybody know if the grand2 works on windows8.
Iget an error message during instalation.

Any updates in the piano VST world?

Is it Ivory?


I can say that The Grand 2 Installs onto Windows 7 64bit perfectly well (not dissimilar to Windows 8).

The way you workaround the error is to uninstall Elicenser Control Center before installing The Grand 2. Once the installation is complete, reinstall the latest Elicenser Control Center, then you’re good to go.