Am unable to get rid of low frequency kick noise - see photo attached

I am assuming the pink area is the low kick thump. I cannot erase it no matter what I try:

Set brush heal to maximum settings - does not remove it.

Select it with magic brush - press delete - lose sound from entire clip.

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

I really want to like this plugin, but I am struggling to get useable results at present and am hoping it is user error, despite watching many official videos

Is the event in its own layer? I only use single layers in my projects, and I never have a problem deleting anything I can define.

Yes the event is in it’s own layer. I decomposed it to three layers, muted the other two and then attempted to heal this layer. All of the orange parts heal fine, but I cannot get rid of this thump at all. The even stranger thing is, why is it even a different colour purple? Surely it should be the same colour as the rest of the layer, orange. Even stranger the pink thump shows up in the other two layers too.

Well, I’m stumped.

Can you post a short section of the original file? That might help others to take a closer look at it.

Hi drdrdr, the colors in the spectrogram mirrors the colors in the layer list. If you’re trying to erase something that’s pink/purple, activate the pink/purple layer first, which in this case is the very first layer (…_Dshpmin_Depth_Horns 2). Your screenshot shows that the orange layer is active instead.

But the pink layer was the ‘full stems combined / the original layer, which is a combination of the other coloured layers. So when I was on the orange layer surely there should not have been any other colours there? I tried removing the frequencies from the pink layer and it didn’t have any effect. Anyway when I reloaded the project today I tried it again, and it all worked fine, and as expected. So I can only deduce that what happened previously was some kind of glitch. Of course it could have been user error but I am almost certain I followed all the instructions carefully. I have watched all of the videos and read most of the manual.
Anyway once I got it to work, I’ve been impressed enough that I think I’ll purchase it. I’m hoping that it will still be developed and tweaked further. There are still a few aspects which need smoothing out I would have hoped, like the load time. It takes nearly a minute to invoke the extension, even for a short 4 second audio clip. This seems like it shouldn’t behave like this. After that it loads instantly each time but for every new clip it’s that long long load time.
It’s a very interesting and clever piece of software. And the fact it’s built in / plugs straight in makes cubase pro feel really powerful and advanced. :+1:

Thanks for the kind words. Yes SL7 is still going to get some nice updates until the next version.