Amalgamation issue with playing techniques in condensed passage

Bar 80 in attached file has the following behavior:

  1. Condensed Viola stave will not display playing techniques if there are 2 voices, although the Violin I and Violin II will. If I force Viola to condense into 1 voice, the playing techniques appear.
  2. Playing techniques often disappear after edits are made. (E.g. Delete Condensing Change at Bar 80, then Undo that action and playing techniques in Violin I & Violin II disappear).
  3. This method works to make playing techniques that have disappeared suddenly reappear: Notation Options → Condensing → Amalgamation approach for playing techniques → Prevent → Apply → Allow → Apply. This seems to force a reevaluation of some sort that restores the missing playing techniques.
  4. Bars 74-75 seems to display amalgamated playing techniques just fine. I don’t understand what the difference there is.

Can you reproduce this problem? Have I simply entered something wrong or misunderstood a feature?


SUMMER_MB_zt_cutoff - Flow 1.dorico (1.2 MB)

Yes, I can reproduce the problem. What you may well find is that if you close and reopen the project, the playing techniques appear as expected.

This is an example of a particular kind of problem that we sometimes encounter in Dorico, which is that when you open the project (or open a layout within a project for the first time in a session), because everything is recalculated from scratch, things always look as expected; but when you are editing the music, it’s possible for Dorico to process the incorrect range of music, which can result in some items not appearing or sometimes even in extra items appearing.

For example, when I open your project, in fact all of the playing techniques appear as expected in bar 80 across all of the string instruments, without needing to do anything at all.

We’re aware of these issues and they are on our list of things to address. There are still a number of problems with divisi and condensing that remain to be fixed, but unfortunately at the moment the member of the team who is best placed to handle this work is otherwise engaged.


Excellent, thanks for the update. As I’m a newbie (completing first project in Dorico now), it’s hard to know when difficulties I’m having with condensing divisi section players are simply due to my own errors. Reassuring to know you’ve got someone on the case!