Amazed and thankful

This has been said a thousand times, if not more… but the Dorico team is truly amazing.

4 years ago I had to do a project in Finale (a program I have used since 1993). Finale crashed on me SEVERAL times trying do the same thing (trying to print, adding lyrics). I got on their forums at the time and reported these crashes. No one responded. To this date, I still get the random notification that someone replied, and it is always another user saying it happened to them too.

I get on the Dorico forum daily to read, see what happens, help someone if I can, ask questions if I need help. And not only is it great to have someone from the company here to answer questions, field suggestions, etc., but the fact that the information is actually thought about and cared about it truly what separates it from other software. I just read a post where Lillie helped out, and at the end she stated the issue that had arisen caused the development team to have some discussions. This kind of 1 degree of separation (or zero degree depending on how you might look at it) is truly special. It was a huge reason I think Sibelius grew to what it became, and I know it will do the same for Dorico.

I was hit with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and admiration that I thought I would drop a quick note to say so!

You guys really are the rock stars of music notation, and probably programming in general!



Totally agree.


Agreed! +10

Oh my yes! Couldn’t have said it better.

hear hear…