Amazes me that Steinberg can't make products that work together

I have Cubase, I have the UR44 interface. For two days been getting an error message about the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip having no license. I’ve finally managed to fix that issue, but Cubase still won’t read the right driver so I can’t get any sound in or out from it. Note I don’t have any issues with Studio One, Audacity, Cakewalk Sonar, or even Wavelab with this, only with Cubase. What a POS

They have a hard enough time making products work on their own, never mind together.

Uninstalled Cubase, uninstalled the UR44 suite, deleted existing CUbase folders, rebooted computer, reinstalled, was finally able to select the UR44 driver. Now it works. I still think you should be able to select whatever driver at any time; apparently you can only do that if you reinitialize preferences. .

Aloha guys,

Years ago the order of installation of apps/plugs/drivers etc could make a big
difference to a smooth operation.

Thought those days were gone.

Guess not.

Glad you got is sorted.